Monday, January 14, 2013

Signature Executive Treadmill Desk 2013

It's 2:30 on Thursday afternoon. You have spent the week counting the minutes to the weekend. Every ounce of your energy has been spent on this work that used to come so easily to you. You can feel your body light on fire as your blood pressure boils. Looking at your inbox with over 100 messages gives you stomach pains. The pinch in your neck is the final straw, as it tightens and burn down your spine. It's time to get up! Get out! But what can you do? You can't just go outside for a walk and step away from your work. You might as well hand in your 2 weeks notice on the way outside. Finally, there is an answer, and you don't have to go anywhere. Step up onto your treadmill desk. Push the button to freedom and raise your desk into a standing position so that within 15 seconds you can be walking, working, and energized! Feel all of the tightness in your neck ease, suddenly your back is loose and you feel as though it's your first day at the new job! Your ready to tackle that inbox and clear it out this afternoon. The 2:30 nap is no longer needed, your on the move, your in the zone, and your coworkers see you as an energized coworker! Change your working environment! Change your life with Signature Treadmill Desks.