Wednesday, February 26, 2014

F@$%! China Made Treadmill Desks

Yeah, I said it, and I'm naming names.

China Products

We've all been to Wal-Mart, Staples, Office Depot, and picked up the $40 "study desk" that comes in a tiny box.  When you go skipping out of there with your "desk in a box", and it's so light you can throw it in the back of your Sion with one hand. You get home and open it up to find 148 pieces with 300 hundred screws, and those little stickers with letter A, B, C.  An hour later, your sweating, Your using a 2" half allen wrench, half screw driver.  (An amazing invention until the phillips end is digging into your palm.  You've already chipped off several pieces of crappy veneer that they heat shrunk onto some sweet particle board that falls apart like a screwing into a piece of toast.

Finally, the "study desk" is complete!  So what if that corner is chipped, the drawer doesn't open smoothly, and you have a few parts left over...  (Sarcasm..)

Well, the world of the height adjustable desks, standing desks, and treadmill desks is no different.

Rebel Desk pops on the scene this year and makes a big splash by going straight to Shanghai and importing the cheapest crank desk possible to pair up with there Treadmill that was built in the same factory in Ningbo, China.


Be a Rebel, and don't buy one.

Here are the actual photos of the factory where your "Rebel Desk", and "Geek Desks" are coming from.  There's also a site called who claims to have "Unbiased reviews of Treadmill Desks, but it looks to me like they are also on the MEARSK importing ship coming straight from Japan where they buy the cheapest desk possible, and try to sell you on the fact that it's one of their 5 star products.  It's nothing but a sham, and I encourage you to tell me otherwise.

Hard Working Americans

As an American who works there tail off every day to support our economy, why would you consider buying a product coming from this factory, when there are better choices out there coming from companies like Signature Treadmill Desks, SMARTdesks, and

Unfortunately, Staples, and Office Depot have made it so easy to buy a crappy furniture product, that many of us haven't seen a nicely handcrafted product in a while.  Our office are filled with this type of china made garbage and it's time we say enough is enough!  While our society is stuck sitting in these chairs from china, if we're going to stand up for our bodies, it's also time that we stand up to china importing companies who are exploiting these factories to make a quick buck.

Here comes the Trek Desk, Geek Desk, Rebel Desks, Human Solution, and the Ergoprise Desks..

TREK DESK - What a Joke.

Congratulations Trek Desk, you've imported a plastic card table from China, and called it a treadmill desk.  Really?  Let's get smarter than this as a country and fight back.  The Trek Desk is folded up in a little box with a nice picture on the front.


When you buy an adjustable height desk from the USA, your supporting your neighbors.  Your supporting the guy that you know who owns the local coffee shop.  Your supporting the guy the friend of yours that's a truck driver.  Your supporting the creative designers of America who have gone to school here, learned a trade and applied it to an industry to help our culture.  

Handcrafted Walnut Finish for Executive Treadmill Desk by Signature

Your supporting artists who can handcraft a piece of furniture right here in the heart of America.  Want a height adjustable desk, look into Signature Treadmill Desks.  Signature is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They not only design every desk with in house designers, but they all the parts used come from local manufacturers from the aluminum to wood.

Do you agree or disagree?  I want to hear your comments!

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